Friday, June 26, 2009

I Fear the Deer

I am terrified of deer!  I know you are thinking, that's ridiculous, deer are completely innocent creatures.  Whatever!  Deer give me the creeps for two reasons:

1.  I watched that episode of When Animals Attack where that man was attacked by a fighting deer.  That deer stood up on two feet and boxed that man like he was some dude on the street!
2.  When I was in high school I was driving to my friend's house one night and I happened upon several deer in the middle of the road.  Well my headlights apparently blinded one of them, and he went ballistic.  The deer commenced to actually chase after my car.  I had to burn rubber in a 360 degree motion to get away from it.  It was literally the scariest moment I have ever had in a car.

Moving on to my deer experience today which is why I am writing this post...

I was walking to my friend's house, and I spotted a deer across the street on the corner.  The deer then met eyes with me.  Do you know that sucker started toward me.  My heart started beating fast, sweat beads started to fall, and I walked as fast as I could back to the house.  I literally fell into the front door screaming.  My mother thought I was crazy (she still thinks I'm crazy).  

Can you believe that fricken deer tried to punk me?  It was like he smelled the fear.  I really can't stand deer.  They are starting to get a little too bold.  Do you think they might be getting together to stage a revolution to take back their habitat? 



Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Featured Today!

Okay.   I know I have been beyond absent from the blogosphere, and I have the same excuse as always.  I've been traveling and working nonstop since the beginning of May.  Please forgive me.  I am now on a MUCH NEEDED vacation in my hometown of Silver Spring, Maryland.  I have finally slowed down, and I am experiencing the worst back pain of my life.  Anyway, enough about my aches and pains because even in my absence, I am The Blogrollers' featured blogger today!!!  I am so honored that the Chatterbox and Wifey are giving me some love on their awesome blog today.  Hop on over there and check it out.  I promise I will be posting and commenting regularly again over the summer.  Thanks for continuing to be faithful followers in the midst of my mess.  You guys are the best!



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Time Out for Seniors?

When I walked into my grandmother's (Nanny) house, she was sitting in this kiddie chair.

Me: Nanny are you in time out? (Laughing)
Nanny: No (Laughing)
Me: Why on earth are you sitting in that little chair? How did you get down there and how are you going to get up?
Nanny: This chair is comfortable for my back and I can fit in it.

My grandmother is 87 years old. She is doing very well for her age!



Monday, June 1, 2009

NOT ME Monday

This is NOT my first NOT ME Monday. I am NOT overjoyed and so appreciative of all of the birthday love I got last week because I did NOT spend my birthday completely alone in a hotel and all of the love did NOT totally lift my spirits. I did NOT cry for the second time after reading my sister’s tribute to me on her blog.
This is not a picture of me bundled up like an Eskimo on an airplane when it was over 80 degrees outside.

That air pouring out of the vents is NOT the reason I am NOT bundled up like an Eskimo in that picture. I absolutely do NOT hate being cold! Those bags that are NOT under my eyes are NOT a result of the fire alarm going off at 4am in my hotel. I did NOT take the time to get my wedding ring, earrings, cell phone, purse, and car keys before I evacuated. I also did NOT purposely leave both of my laptops in the hotel room because I was NOT secretly wishing they would burn up in a fire, so I could get a break from work; that would be ridiculous! (BTW: False alarm)

I did NOT grunt loudly and obnoxiously when the woman sitting next to me on the plane failed to cover her mouth when she coughed—NOT ME. I would NOT be that rude.

I’m NOT sitting on a different plane right now typing this post because we are not being held on the runway by air traffic control for two hours. There is NOT a baby screaming to the top of her lungs. There are NOT a whole bunch of people complaining loudly about how ridiculous it is that we have to wait. They are NOT getting on my fricken nerves! I do NOT wish they all would shut up and go to sleep.

This is NOT a picture of the phone in the hotel room I’m staying in this week. Where the heck are the rest of the buttons?!

I am NOT anxious about hearing who won The Blog Rollers’ 4th Wheel Contest. Do NOT click here if you want to see the video I submitted. I am NOT totally annoyed that Twilight won every single MTV movie award (weren't there any other movies out this year). I did NOT just finish my very first Google video chat with my husband and we were both NOT amazed at how cool it was. We were also NOT kicking ourselves for not doing this sooner. I would NOT rather be home with my husband right now.


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