Thursday, November 6, 2008


“Before you attempt to send a piece of collateral material, a website, an article, or manuscript out into the world, you should run it past Kelly Williams! Not only does she have a keen eye for grammar and spelling, she has a knack for helping your words flow fluidly. Her attention to detail is impressive and an asset no matter what industry your content falls under. I was very pleased with her editing services for my first published book Your Big Sister's Guide to Surviving College. Kelly is also a pretty darn good writer herself! I highly recommend her for any and all writing and editing needs!”

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"I was terrified to send my book off to an editor, initially. It took me back to those days in school when you handed in a paper and it came back marked up in red with all these comments and critiques written on the side. I was also worried about the cost of having my book professionally edited, but knew I needed to do so because I'm terrible at spelling and such. I also have a way of writing things out, and they only make sense to me. When I was introduced to Kelly and had a chance to get to know her some, I felt relieved. Not only was she easy to talk to her fees are reasonable, and she turned my book from a messy rough draft to an actual readable book. I have more books and courses planned in my head, and I will be hiring Kelly again!"
~Tara S. Dickherber, M.Ed, CPC


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